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Valerie Dunaway is a former socialite who has hidden from the public eye for years due to a horrific attack that left her scarred—physically and emotionally. When a strange masked man makes himself at home with her, she’s unable to run. She calls the cops, but the agoraphobic won’t go into protective custody, so Detective Hollerman calls the only people he trusts: Pierce Securities.

Quinten Pierce is a Renaissance man—artist, lawyer, fighter—but his latest assignment has him losing his ever-present control. He’s got one fight left in his career, and although he can’t wait for it to be over, his opponent seems to have ties to Valerie, thus forcing him to hold on until he finds out exactly who he’s working with. 

With the help of the Pierce team, the scarred princess and the gentle giant must silence the murmurs of the past that threaten their future.

October 11
Anne Conley
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

PelicanFreak ,

Suspenseful, HOT and hard to put down.

I like this cover a lot, it especially makes for a gorgeous print book.

Definitely professional, though could’ve used one more pass for minor typos.

Very easy on the eyes, fairly consistent.

This book literally gripped me in the first paragraph: it was exciting and terrifying all at the same time and I needed more. I’ve been devastatingly sick and this book provided a much-needed escape. The characters are perfect, as is the continuity.

Valerie is full of issues but still manages to not be too victim-y. She just needed some time, and new people in her world. Quinten is… perfection.

There’s romance and it’s done so well, I can feel the characters’ feelings. There’s heat and passion that live up to the gloriously-built anticipation for them. There’s action and good old fighting and mystery with a twist you might not see coming.

If you’re not reading this series, it’s your loss. I’d give this somewhere between 4 and 5 stars, overall.

Agent$$$$ ,

Beauty and the Beast, of sorts

Growing up as the single child to a wealthy family, Valerie's beauty and poise was highly valued. Her parents used her beauty to their advantage, to further their business empire. They even "arranged" a marriage for her and Argyle. Although Valerie didn't love Argyle, she went along with the marriage to make her parents happy and to strengthen their business. They used her, until they couldn't use her anymore. Valerie now lives her life behind a mask, afraid to leave her house after Argyle's abuse.

Quinten's parents "pushed" their hopes and aspirations on their children as well. Quinten even earned a law degree to please them and follow in his father's footsteps. He doesn't want to be a lawyer, so he works alongside his brother Simon at Pierce Securities. Quinten is assigned a case he can't seem to walk away from--protecting Valerie from an intruder/stalker.

I started this novel not really knowing what to expect as I have not yet read the previous four novels in this series. I HAVE to read them now!!! I loved this novel! It is a stand alone novel with no cliffhangers. It is also #5 in the series. I didn't feel lost or feel as though I missed anything by reading this novel first. I just want to read the rest of the series because I enjoyed this novel so much. It was a suspenseful, page turner until the very end! I loved that Quinten was able to bring Valerie out of her self-imposed jail. I also loved that Quinten was the "Beauty" to Valerie's perceived "Beast". Loved it!!!! I highly recommend this novel to those who enjoy romantic suspense. Kuddos Anne Conley. I read a gifted copy and all opinions expressed here are my own.

Rtbbenson ,

Anne Conley's new best seller!!

This story was awesome!! I was captivated since Chapter 1. There are twists and turns, I never saw coming.

Anne Conley did a great job with 2 subject matters, agoraphobia and stalking. It was believable and realistic and was simply put, a total page turner!!

Quinten is such a fascinating guy. He has so many sides and facets to him. Valerie is a brave enigma. Together they are scorching!!

Great read!! Give it a try, you will NOT be disappointed!!

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