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Graduate students discover instantaneous quantum gateways and use their discovery to rebel against the repressive security state the US has become. A fast-paced page-turner, with the world's governments trying to stop the rebels as they colonize a distant planet and use it as their base to change the world and open the universe to human colonization. 

"... Sci-fi series follows idealistic rebels who can manipulate reality using quantum portals... Kinnison bursts wide the scope of his continuously rewarding series in this latest entry. As in the previous novels, he challenges his characters to evolve morally as well as technologically; when Justin and Steve appear secretive about the discoveries on an alien ship, NASA astronaut Maddy Rahama reminds them why they fought the United States when she says, "I thought you guys were going to be the most transparent government ever." Keen sociological insights are crucial to the plot, as when Justin says, "Just because no one goes hungry, doesn't mean people stop envying and hating." The narrative, despite approaching war, proves riveting in the classic mold of Isaac Asimov and Robert A. Heinlein's works, in which action never eclipses heart and intellect. A novel about a galactic threat that offers an addictive barrage of lofty ideas infused with soul. ~ Kirkus Reviews

"Kinnison has crafted a futuristic world that touches on philosophical, moral, and ethical ramifications of survival... engaging and intriguing... a captivating entry in the series and a stellar piece of sci-fi."  ~ IndieReader.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
October 27
Jeb Kinnison Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Millennial Writer ,

A Great Adventure: What If Qauntum Gateways Happened Tomorrow?

This is the first three books in a series I hadn’t noticed before. I’m almost glad I waited to read them all at once: 2000 pages of adventure in a plausible future where college kids invent quantum superweapons and rebel against the Establishment. A bit old-fashioned but like updated Heinlein: plucky, diverse heroes, nasty bad guys (including a US President who might be Elizabeth Warren), atomic bombs, implacable and funny AIs and alien civilizations.

Tremendously absorbing and real. I wish the future were this bright!