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Heir to the city of Reaivyk, Nicholas Rybredel has everything he could ever want: land, power, and money, but he yearns for more, for something none of these things can grant him—his son’s life. Amid the chaos left in the wake of the half-blood plague, Nicholas’s only son was born Unsouled, and he’ll do anything to change fate’s design.

His research has revealed a potential way to resurrect an Unsouled infant, but the cost is high. The decision he makes could lead the people into a new golden age, where the Unsouled curse is but an old, frail nightmare—or cast the die for a greater terror to seize the Amüli Republic.

[Epic Fantasy, Short Story]

"THE CROW PRINCE" by Kira A. McFadden 

Evolved Publishing presents a short story companion to the epic fantasy series "Amüli Chronicles: Soulbound". Discover the fantastic world of the Amüli. Perfect for readers 16 and up. [DRM-Free]

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy
June 30
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