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Are you interested to learn how you can implement successful self-service and knowledge management in your service organization?

Basic knowledge and understanding is the first step towards any change that provides new advantages and increased benefit. Customers has to come first and customer success and customer loyalty is stil the primary goal for our effort. However everything else has changed due to the shift in technology and new behaviors. Service organizations that miss the opportunity to change reduces the value that they create and will undoubtedly fall flat.

The readers will obtain an in-depth understanding in these areas, as well as receiving concrete tips and recommendations on how to introduce working methods that utilize the opportunities new technology and behaviours provide. Self-service and knowledge methodology such as KCS (Knowledge Centered Service) are creating new possibilities to generate real customer value and long term success for service and support organizations and on a higher level for the hole organization. In this book we will deal with the key aspect of "what´s in it for me?" not only for the customer and management, but also for the service organization. This self-service oriented way of work represent new important opportunities for everyone including the service desk. There are a lot of known ditches when implementing self-service and knowledge but with this book the reader get a tool to understand and start introduce working methods that utilize great opportunities and self-service and knowledge success. It includes presents methods for delivering outstanding customer service and capture and create knowledge in the speed of speech. With over 20 years experience of implementing self-service international the authors is some of the most experienced in the field of self-service and knowledge. Take part of their story and let your and your organizations success start today.

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December 11
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