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Assessment Of Material Strength Properties Of One Scale Level Transferred From Test Data At Another Level 

A.M. Pashayev, A.Kh. Janahmadov, M.Y. Javadov

The paper examines the forecast methods of failure process dynamics at one scale level based on parameters defined at another level. The industrial forecast methods were developed suited for engineering practice. 

The specific scale levels of fracturing are considered on the basis of the dynamic process characteristics and the space-time approach.

Space-Time Scale Invariance At Dynamic Fragmentation Of Quasi-Brittle Materials

N.G. Javadov, M.I. Aliyev

The paper examines the fractured quasi-brittle materials and the scale invariance with respect to time and space variables. It confirms that the large-scale clustering in the ensemble of defects, accompanying the transition from the dispersed to the microscopic resolution, have the signs of phenomena that is characteristic to non-equilibrium critical systems. It demonstrates that with respect to the quasi-brittle materials, the dissipative ability is associated with the scenarios of formation and interaction of the multi-scale collective defect modes in conditions of the specific type of the critical events – the structural scaling transitions.

Nano-Tribological Processes At Electric Discharge Of Discrete Ohmic Contacts Of Metal-Polymer Pairs

A.Kh. Janahmadov, A.I. Volchenko, E.S. Pirverdiyev

The paper examines the nano-tribological processes at the electrical discharge in the discrete ohmic contacts of the metal-polymer pairs of tribosystem. The nature of destructive processes in the polymeric film of pads is explained.

Adjusting The Starting Pressure Of Gas Lift Well To The “Switching Lifting Device Of The Reverse Valves System”

O.H. Mirzayev

The results of starting pressure change by switching injection direction of working agent from circular annulus to the central part in gas lift wells have been given. The valves are placed on the pipe surface in definite depth under liquid column. 

As a result of investigation it has been determined that the application of the method in the wells with big depth and high liquid column gives an opportunity to reduce starting pressure. Application of the method in complicated exploitation conditions gives effective results.

Comparative Analysis Of Trading Systems Performances With Respect To Transaction Cost (Part 2)

E.J. Janahmadov

The purpose of this paper is to compare and analyze the performance of trading rules applied to the underlying and derivative products. Three different trading market indictors were chosen from the range of trading rules according to their performance relatively to Dow Jones Industrial Average. On the basis of these technical indicators the automated trading systems were developed and then applied to the underlying instrument such Dow Jones Industrial Average. The performances of trading systems and profit/loss indexes were compared and analyzed. The results are compared with “buy-and-hold” strategy and performance of underlying security. The results of the research intend to show the effect of the transactions costs on the performance of trading systems and optimal could be applied to invest into underlying or derivatives of underlying.

Science & Nature
January 8
Elmar Janahmadov 109937701

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