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Today, the opportunities for writers have never been greater. Back in the day a writer who was making six-figures a year seemed a creature of myth. These days, highly successful writers are making six figures a month.

Success isn't only about money of course. 

Success to you might mean taking on writing projects as a side hustle, and making enough to repay your mortgage and car loan every month. Or perhaps to you, success means becoming a full-time writer.

Whatever success means to you, there's only one way to be successful, and that's to write, and achieve your writing goals.

Sadly, many writers who'd love to be successful get in their own way. They give up on projects — and on themselves — because they struggle with self-doubt. They rarely set goals, and if they do, they forget about them quickly, because they're not working toward achieving those goals.

Do you stare out of the window when you should be writing? What if you could write faster, while improving your writing? How many more projects could you complete? 

Perhaps you're a procrastinator. I used to be the Queen of Procrastination. Finally, I found strategies which overcame that tendency, and now you can use those strategies too.

In this book, you'll discover: 

* Four simple strategies to help you to overcome your doubts about your writing;

* How to write more, sell more, and get more clients. If you're writing a book, you'll discover fresh enthusiasm and inspiration;

* Ways in which to get more from your writing. You'll know you're doing the right things when your life becomes fun. Obstacles will vanish; your life will flow;

* How to work less than you're working now, while achieving more.

Enjoy. :-)

Business & Personal Finance
January 11
Angela Booth
Draft2Digital, LLC

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