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The Storms in Amethir Books 1 - 3 Omnibus edition contains the following: The Midwinter Royal, Teeth in Their Song, Stormsinger, Stormshadow, Stormseer, and "Arama, Awakened," an original story written just for this omnibus.

The Amethirian Empire is the superpower of its world, with stormwitches who control the weather and privateers who prey on the ships of warring nations Tamnen and Strid. Amethir is rich and comfortable. But Amethir's crown prince needs a bride.

Princess Azmei of Tamnen was raised to serve her kingdom, and she has agreed to travel to the diplomatic nation of Ranarr to meet with Amethir's Crown Prince. Her father hopes that a marriage treaty between Azmei and Prince Vistaren will put an end to the decades-long war between Tamnen and their neighboring country Strid.

But Vistaren has secrets of his own, and even their blossoming friendship can't set Azmei's mind at ease. And not everyone wants the war to end. Azmei must evade multiple assassination attempts before she even finalizes her agreement with Prince Vistaren. Azmei must transform herself from bookish princess to lethal warrior in her attempts to save herself, her family, and her kingdom.

Along her journey, Azmei will meet Captain Arama Dzornaea, the most famous lady privateer in the world; Jacin Hawk, a former political prisoner disabled in the war; Orya, a cunning and worldly cloth merchant; and Yarro, a young man who hears Voices inside his head.

Storms are gathering on the horizon. Long-dormant Powers are waking. Azmei and her band of unlikely allies must determine how to save not only her kingdom, but the entire world, from certain destruction.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
January 31
Cathartes Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

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