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Contemporary Western Romance


I've loved Hollis forever, it seems.

I meant to tell her so many times but always chickened out. 

Then Stede rode into town on his big shiny motorcycle and saved my life.

Hollis fell hard for him. I get that, what's not to love about Stede? 

I watched and waited, hoped whatever they felt for one another would pass.

It didn't, and now Stede's hot head has landed him in trouble…again.


I should have known better than to fall for a bone-melting man like Stede Marrow.

A man who hides everything about his past.

I know Stede loves me and I know he loves Eli too, like a brother.

Stede's gone now and Eli's here to pick up the pieces of my broken life.


I should have kept on riding after I saved Eli at the creek.                  

But then I saw Hollis and forgot about that road up ahead.

I wanted to tell her why I'm running and who I am.

But I haven't even told Eli. It's safer that way.

I said I'd never go back to that hick town, swore I'd forget about Hollis.

I didn't bank on her being so damn unforgettable.

"Wow! I loved this story as it was full of love, true love of friends, romantic love of one lucky girl and the love of two great guys who happened to love each other as brothers. A strange relationship but it worked."

Note: This is a love triangle, not a menage.

March 25
Keta Diablo
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

BabsHightower ,


Stede Marrow rode into town when Eli was drowning in the creek. Stede saves Eli and they become close friends. Hollis, Eli’s long time school friend also becomes Stede’s friend and girlfriend.

Stede can walk water where Hollis is concerned. It only takes one look from him and she is butter. But Stede is closed off and rarely talks about his past. He has secrets that could harm Eli and Hollis.

Ned and Jasper want Stede gone and will do everything it takes to make his life miserable and make his mess up his probation. When things change Eli is there to pick up the pieces and help Hollis.

What will happen when Stede comes back into their lives?

Three characters who love each other in their own way and will help each other no matter what. Secrets and tragedy turn their lives upside down. I enjoyed learning about the characters. Eli is the good guy best friend and of course we have good looking bad boy Stede. Anyone can relate to Hollis and what she goes through. Life can be heard and having the right people in your life can make a huge difference. The pages were turning fast for me as I wanted to see about Eli what was going to happen?

The author made some great characters that you would want to read about again.

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