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Sibling Demi-Gods battle for control of the souls of the dead, in this award-winning fantasy series.

Seventeen-year-old Cayden Tiernan and his twin sister Avery are blissfully unaware of their true identities, due to their sudden reincarnation into a mortal form.
Hunted from birth, they are hidden by their father in the remote and treacherous cliffs of Sanctuary-By-The-Sea, and raised as simple sheepherders.
Their huntress is not your normal run-of-the-mill villain. The dark power behind Queen Alcina's desperate search will allow no mercy, for this dark force is responsible for their premature deaths in the first place.

There is only one person alive, who knows the entire story behind their death and rebirth, the wizard Mordecai Ben Moses. 

Aided by their special powers, and creatures drawn to their true nature, Cayden and Avery are drawn into a terrifying destiny, the truth of which will be revealed as they regain the knowledge of the previous lives. As Spirit Shields, they are guardians of the souls of the deceased.

In the meantime, they must stay one step ahead of the huntress who would see them join the dead.

Some family bonds are better left buried in the past.

* All four books of the award winning Spirit Shield Saga are included in this ebook boxed set, fit for the Gods. Soul Survivor sets the stage of sibling rivalry at the level of the gods.
* Award winning Seer of Souls (Dante Rossetti best young adult fiction, 2016) spins the tale of twin gods reborn as humans and their road to discovering their true destiny.
* In Soul Sanctuary, the stakes are raised as old nemesis come into play and sibling rivalry sparks anew, only this time the souls of the dead are at stake.
* Soul Sacrifice is the culmination of a conflict as old as eternity. Some say, survival is highly overrated! 

"This narrative felt as though it had the potential to reach the heights of an epic fantasy series like LORD OF THE RINGS while at the same time adding something new and fresh in the midst of familiar tones and fantasy elements." 
- Book Pipeline Competition Review

"I love fantasy if it's well-written. The world-building has to be competent, the characters engaging and the plot well-realized and significantly short on holes. Susan Faw's Seer of Souls checked all three boxes."
-Amazon Customer

"What Seer Of Souls does have that a lot of the fantasy genre is lacking is a clever bit of intrigue. Instead of huge armies clashing on forlorn battlefields and wizards cracking reality square in the nose, what Faw gives us is a clever way to infiltrate. She's taken the fantasy genre and given it a good, solid whack on the keister."
-Amazon Customer

Dig into the saga today, and discover for yourself the true nature of the gods.

Young Adult
April 17
Susan Faw
Draft2Digital, LLC

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