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Did you know that Scotland has a place where gravity takes you up rather than down or how sex is a big part of tourism in Amsterdam?

Were you aware of the ghosts in the United Kingdom?

Soumik is a software engineer. A year ago, his employer gave him the opportunity of moving to the United Kingdom for an onsite role in London. For 365 days, he had had some extraordinary and fantastic experiences in Europe and United Kingdom. The cherry on the cake is the joy of sharing it with everyone so that others can glimpse, enjoy, laugh and learn from his experiences. This book can take you through the roller-coaster ride of Soumik’s emotions and adventures. You will be able to relate yourself with all his thoughts and actions and virtually experience as well as learn about many new stories about new places to tell to your friends.

My First Onsite is for everyone who loves to explore new places and learn about new cultures.

“I am sure I do not need to explain what is a Strip Club, but explaining it would be interesting, so please excuse me for taking the honors” 

Bliss! The Colosseum of football was a few feet away 

Racism happens every moment in India too. Imagine how you behave differently with different people of different state. Imagine a North Indian in South India and vice versa. All such problems that one face can it be termed racism? 

‘Oh God, I will have to do all the cooking as you just lost your cooking license post marriage mister.’ A silence followed as this was the first time any of us expressed anything about marriage or our intentions

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