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When magic happens, the results can be Remarkable...

As ex-military and current head of security of Rycroft Group, Cav’s no stranger to mortal — and magical — threats. He can handle whatever comes his way and then some. But when the danger spills over to involve the beautiful woman next door he’ll need to strengthen his game. 

Jacie, his pretty neighbor, caught his eye the day she moved in next door. Smart, funny, adorable Jacie is the target of a madman. A magically unstable lunatic, who as it turns out, only wants to hurt Jacie so he can blackmail Cav. There’s only one way to protect her.

Marry her. 

Not a real, actual marriage, but a fake wedding, along with vows and cake. He’ll have to go through the motions so he can protect Jacie and catch the madman who wants the source of the magic.

But thrown into close quarters and heightened emotions, Cav and Jacie aren’t really sure about the whole “fake” part of it. 

For them, it might just be as real as the magic…

May 22
Pair of Nines Publishing, LLC
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

christinaraven ,

Grest start to a new series

What an interesting premise - mysterious scientist billionaire, secret elixir, and a crazy guy running around the book. The blurb sounded interesting and I was not disappointed. I thought the book well written and entertaining. Easy to read, it made me laugh in a few places. I liked Cav and Jacie's characters, they played off each other well and easy to like. Plus they would end up kissing in the oddest of places and get interrupted in funny ways. The rest of the Rycroft crew were interesting and I cannot wait to see what happens to them in the next books in the series. Like other reviews the story is more romantic suspense bent with magic then straight paranormal but since I like both types I thought a blend of the two to make a good story. My honest review is - Loved the story, made me laugh, and I would totally read the next one.

Kathleen Nichols ,

A New Adventure Series!

***I volutarily reviewed and ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review***

This is the first book I've read from this author. It kind of straddled the line between PNR and Sci-Fi at least to me. The characters were descriptive, the action fast paced, and the storyline a little bit average. I enjoyed the book as it was well written with not only good strong main characters Jaci and Cav/Cavendish along with the supporting cast.

Jaci Perrault is mistakenly associated with Cav the head of security for the Rycroft Group. It turns out that next door neighbors. A deranged individual after a special "elixir" developed by a pharmaceutical genius named Bradford Rycroft. The elixir when given to and individual they are imbued with "remarkable faculties of RemFac's". Jacis' life is saved by receiving the elixir after she's all but killed by an attack from the deranged individual. Cav feels responsible for the danger Jacis' in but he also has romantic feelings already for her. A fake engagement and wedding is cooked up for the two of them. They hope to help draw out the deranged person and end the threat to Jaci and any further threat to the elixir.

This book was left open-ended to lead into the next book in the series. I enjoyed the story and will be reading the rest of the books in the series. See who has what RemFac and how they work. Will more elixir be made and will the "recipe" for it still be in danger. Will Cab and teammates be able to remain under the radar and what does the future hold for them.

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