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When London was fifteen, a fortune teller told her she would meet her soul mate on June 23rd. The only problem is, which June 23rd? The woman wasn't specific and only called him her dreamer.

Desperate to find her mystery man eleven years later, London sets out to search for him but is waylaid by a mugger instead.

Elliot has had his eye on the woman who jogs past the park where he coaches his nephew's baseball team for the past month. When he's the first responder for a mugging victim on June 23rd, she's barely conscious. She's the woman tattooed on his chest. He's seen her in his dreams and has been drawing her for years.

They'll both sound crazy if they reveal their secrets, but they can't stay away from each other. Elliot has priorities, promises made to his late sister. London's trying to live a more intentional existence instead of waiting for everything to fall in her lap.

Can they fulfill the destiny predicted by the fortune teller? Or will fate be undone?

January 31
Anne Conley
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Agent$$$$ ,

It Was Fate...

On her fifteenth birthday, London attended a carnival with her best friend Tanner. While there, she had her fortune read. She was to meet her dreamer, a runner on June 23rd. Every June 23rd, London would search for her dreamer...never finding him. Until....

Elliott, a runaway at fifteen, has spent his entire life "plagued" by dreams. Some dreams leave him with an uneasy feeling, while others leave him with images of a girl. After getting off the streets and earning a GED, Elliott takes a job as an EMT. He then moves back home to Austin to become a parent to his nephew after his sister passes away. Called out to a mugging, Elliott meets the woman he's been drawing for years!

London can't believe the EMT in the ambulance with her is her dreamer! She's even more convinced since talking it over with Tanner and Shannon. Deciding to take a chance, she goes to the ball field where she's seen Elliott before. She's devastated when she doesn't see him, but is surprised when he approaches amid her breakdown. After exchanging numbers, they agree to a date.

I'm not usually a fan of these type of novels, a little bit of "prophesizing" mixed in with reality. I love Anne Conley's Pierce Security series, so I thought I'd give it a shot. I truly enjoyed it!!!! I'm so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone to read London and Elliott's story. To finally meet the woman you've been drawing for years and to have her equally intrigued by you....FATE! I really enjoyed the ending and hope there are more stories to come. I'd love to hear more about his best friend and new coworkers in Pamona Gulch. I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.

PelicanFreak ,

Addictive read and great world-building.

So, I expected this one to be adorable, being a #MeetCute participant and all… and it totally is, it didn’t disappoint there, but it’s also so much more. It’s hot, mysterious, real despite the paranormal aspect and overall addictive.
This book provided a much-needed distraction through illness, as Conley’s writing often does. I was sucked in early on, taking a liking to both Elliot and London. There are great secondary characters as well, that I expect (read: hope) Conley will provide more of with their own books later on.
I can’t comment on editing/proofing and formatting, as I read an unpolished work-in-progress advance reader version, however even in this stage, it’s in excellent shape. I expect it’ll appear completely professional when finished.
Character design, as always with Conley, is advanced and London might be one of my favorites of hers. Wanna fall in love with real-life, likeable characters? Read this! The couple naturally has some hurdles to jump through and I adore the drama factor. As well as the small-town life that I hope I’ll get to see more of in other Conley books.
4 stars.

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