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He’s an arrogant, reclusive artist, and a complete and utter prick. Why can’t I get him out of my head?

Ryan Raynard is driving me insane. First, he doesn’t deliver his paintings to my art gallery on time. Then, when I show up at his crumbling gothic mansion to collect them, he has the nerve to treat me like a piece of furniture.


Goddamn, him, if he wasn’t so hot ... that messy hair, those come-to-bed eyes, the body of a Michaelangelo statue … 


If only he saw me as something other than the mousy art curator who was trying to cramp his style. 


As if wrangling the temperamental artiste wasn’t enough, now I’m being chased by shapeshifting foxes, and a malevolent werewolf has put a price on my head. If I want to keep my job, and my life, I’m going to have to accept Ryan’s help. 


Ryan Raynard may be my only hope. If only I can keep my hands off him …


Art of Cunning is the first book in the Crookshollow Gothic Romance series by USA Today bestselling author Steffanie Holmes. This book contains scorching sex, adult language, and a cliffhanger ending. If you like hot shifters, dark mysteries, and one clever, spontaneous heroine, then this book will have you howling for more.

April 14
Bacchanalia House
Steff Moore

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sissymae68 ,

Loved it

'Art of Cunning' by Steffanie Holmes is the First Book in The New Series called "Crookshollow Foxes". This is the story of Alexandra Kline and Ryan Raynard. This does end in a Cliffhanger that will continue their story in book two "Art of the Hunt".
Alex used to be a painter but she has found that very hard to do since her parents death. But she still works in the Art field and she has been assigned to get Ryan's paintings displayed. But he isn't cooperating and working through his assistant/butler isn't working either. They had agreed on the Art show but now the paintings are not being sent and Alex job is on the line. So she choices to go to Ryan's house. Ryan is a recluse who hasn't been seen in 10 years and lives in an old mansion time house. Alex argues her way into the house and when Ryan comes to greet her he thought she was to be a man due to her name. Ryan quickly tries to get away from her even being sharp and mean to her but he agrees she can get the paintings she needs.
Ryan quickly runs to his studio where he calms himself down because he knows he just met his mate but he needs to fight the feelings.
Alex too finds Ryan attractive but she knows he is not for her but neither one can stop being drawn to the other.
Crookshollow Foxes:,
Book 1 Art of Cunning,
Book 2 Art of the Hunt,
Book 3 Art of Temptation
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."

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