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Our body is the most sophisticated, intelligent, and priceless machine on this planet that nature has granted us. Endowed with the natural instincts of survival, sustenance, and self-propagation through self-protection, self-preservation, and reproduction, it achieves all these objectives by talking to us all the time, both in the states of health and disease. 

In the state of health, it tells us when water and glucose levels in the blood are low, through the sensations of thirst and hunger respectively, virtually forcing us to drink water and eat food. When tired and exhausted, it compels us to sleep. Even while sleeping, it tries to tell us if it needs food or water or safety in case of danger, through sensory perceptions or even through dreams indicative of these situations. 

Likewise, in case of the emergence of any disease, it develops early symptoms of uneasiness, discomfort, fever, pain, swelling, rashes, faintness, loss of appetite, and loss of sleep. However, the full-blown disease that is identifiable to the doctors takes a longer time to evolve.  Therefore, it is prudent that we carefully listen to the body and take necessary remedial action, particularly, timely consultation with a medical professional or doctor.

This booklet is aimed at establishing a good channel of communication between the medically educated, knowledgeable, skillful, and experienced medical professional or doctor who speaks a different medical language derived from Greek and Latin, and the common man or the patient, on the other side, who is differently educated by helping him understand medical jargon, and bringing about medical jagran, a Hindi word meaning ‘awakening’.

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June 15
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