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A fun, warm-hearted small-town romance featuring a sexy attorney with a secret past, a feisty redheaded heroine who wants to beat him at his own game, and an adorable little girl playing matchmaker.

Jenna Pantini has just become Whispering Bay’s first female city manager and she’s determined to succeed where less qualified men before her have failed. Her mission? Balance the city budget and keep the quaint little Florida beach town out of the hands of greedy developers.

When founding father Earl Handy bequeaths the town miles of pristine beach front property to be used solely for public access it almost seems too good to be true. Earl’s daughter isn’t about to be robbed of her inheritance, especially when everyone knew old Earl was crazy as a loon, so she hires cocky attorney Ben Harrison to break her daddy’s will.

Ben is legendary in legal circles for never losing a case. He also has another kind of reputation—one with the ladies, something that Jenna knows all about first hand. Back in college Ben was Jenna’s first love, a relationship that ended with Jenna heartbroken.

Ben would love nothing more than to pick right back up where he and Jenna left off, but the feisty redhead isn’t interested in anything but seeing him leave town. Too bad she isn’t going to get her way because Ben has more at stake in Whispering Bay than just a legal case. He made a long ago promise to family that he needs to fulfill. Plus, there’s all those old feelings that he and Jenna can’t quite seem to shake…

May 25
Maria Geraci
Maria Geraci

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Agent$$$$ ,

Second Chance At Love

Jenna, Whispering Bay's first female City Manager, feels like she's finally found where she's meant to be. She has big plans for the beach town, especially after the sizable donation of beach front property willed to the city. But there's a snag in her plans. The will is being contested by Earl's daughter. Between the new rec center that's over budget, missing city funds, and the attorney fees to fight Earl's daughter, there's not much left in the city budget.

Ben, a big city attorney who's never lost a case, never thought he'd ever see "the one that got away". Stopping by a local diner on the way to meet up with his new clients, Ben is at a loss for words when Jenna walks into the diner. She's just as he remembers, only she looks as though she could kill him.

Best second chance romance EVER!!! I loved the witty banter, Rachel and her adorable brown eyes, the commeraderie between the Mayor, City Manager, and City Attorney, the elderly yoga group, the suspense, EVERYTHING about this novel. Jenna was strong, not needy or wihiney. While Ben made mistakes in college, he truly had everyone's best interest at heart. I wasn't expecting the mystery or suspense, but it only added to the greatness of this novel. Truly well written, engaging! I received a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.

Jbean168 ,

Great Romance!!

I love this series and with each book the stories keep getting better. Ben and Jenna first met in college and things didn't work out. Now Ben is in Whispering Bay, Jenna's hometown. At first it looks like these two are on opposite sides of the same issue but, when everything comes to a head truths are revealed and nothing was as it seemed. This story is fun, sweet, sexy and a beautiful story of second chances.

beckyb0416 ,

Coming Home to Whispering Bay

There’s one thing I know about reading Ms Geraci’s stories, I loose myself to the story and the characters themselves. The imagery she creates through her words projects everything in my mind’s eye as it unfolds... it’s almost as if I’m living the story.

Coming back to Whispering Bay is always a comfort, the characters are like family, and the town feels like home. The author has a unique gift of keeping the series fresh and engaging, the characters interesting and with such strong personalities, this making them nearly lifelike.

This ARC book was complimentary, provided by the Publisher and NetGalley. I am voluntarily providing my honest review.

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