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Issue 12 April-May-June 2017 

Application of Fractal Analysis to Diagnose Contact Interaction of Frictional Solid Objects 

A.Kh. Janahmadov, M.Y. Javadov 

The additional quantitative research tools are developed to examine the surface roughness: the fractal dimension of bearing surface curvature and the fractal dimension of profilograms. These values are used to classify the contact interaction modes of the frictional metal elements and to diagnose the type of contact according to the fractal dimension scale by describing the main three types of contacts: elastic, elastic-plastic, plastic.

New Approach for Regulating Rheological Characteristics of Non-Newtonian Oils by Thermal Treatment 

T.Sh. Salavatov

The effective factor of regulating of rheophysical characteristics of liquid systems in oil recovery is use of physical and physical-chemical methods. The convincing outcomes of applying of thermal, physical-magnetic and electric fields are obtained at affecting on thermodynamic and rheological properties of liquid systems in processes of oil recovery, cleaning of propellant and oils, etc. Results of theoretical, experimental researches of the new methods for regulating of non-Newtonian oils rheological characteristics by treating of hydrocarbon systems by thermal fields are observed.

Comparative Analysis of Trading Systems Performances with Respect to Transaction Costs (part III)

E.A. Janahmadov 

The purpose of this paper is to compare and analyze the performance of trading rules applied to the underlying and derivative products. Three different trading market indictors were chosen from the range of trading rules according to their performance relatively to Dow Jones Industrial Average. On the basis of these technical indicators the automated trading systems were developed and then applied to the underlying instrument such Dow Jones Industrial Average. The performances of trading systems and profit/loss indexes were compared and analyzed. The results are compared with “buy-and-hold” strategy and performance of underlying security. The results of the research intend to show the effect of the transactions costs on the performance of trading systems and optimal could be applied to invest into underlying or derivatives of underlying.

Science & Nature
June 30
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