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Spiritual Solutions for an Anxious Age

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A Christian's faith in eternal life is the sustenance of hope for those who believe. Through the lens of a deeply personal examination of the Bible, examples and stories, and as witness to God's life-changing grace, respected theologian, writer, and educator Rev. Robert M. Garrity offers a spiritual guide as practical as it is life-changing. He organizes this discussion around empowerment to rise above our daily struggles, a joyful acceptance of what cannot be overcome, and the surrender of difficulties to the Resurrection-Power of Jesus Christ.

Entirely practical in nature, though inspired by timeless truths from philosophy and theology, psychology, and law, the author’s intention is to provide readers with a few useful thoughts about daily living in a supremely-positive attitude and strength. Scripture identifies this as Resurrection Power. St. Paul wants us to know for sure that “the power of Christ’s resurrection” gives us power in our daily lives. The book’s aim is victorious and joyful living, for us and for all, in this life and in the next. Resurrection power is not a force that relieves us of all pain or removes all suffering from our lives, but, rooted in the reality revealed through Scripture, it really can help us to rise above our daily problems, burdens, and difficulties.

Resurrection Power, inspired by timeless truths from philosophy, theology, psychology and law helps readers enjoy victorious joyful lives in an anxious age. Exclusive to this edition, the author explores “Is God real?” through examining the historicity of the evidence and a “mock trial” of St. Paul on the stand to bring out the facts in the “case” followed by a hypothetical “verdict of truth” that Jesus rose from the dead. Finally, an analysis of the Bible’s narrative tradition along with an hour-by-hour timeline of the first Easter Sunday.

Students and seminarians will find this an excellent book on the Scriptural basis for the belief--power--of Christ’s Resurrection, while others will find it an enlightening message of real power in one’s daily life.

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    July 24
    Lectio Publishing, LLC
    Lectio Publishing, LLC

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