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The pursuit of power is as old as human history. In ancient times and in various cultures, it was believed that a person's power, indeed their very essence could be literally extracted through a variety of means.

The methods by which this was accomplished were largely lost to the ages or banned and purged from historical records by kings, pharaohs, and the like in efforts to preserve their own power and authority.

Still, the echoes of these ideas and techniques persist. What would happen if a man living in modern society, a descendant of the practitioners of those arts were to inadvertently awaken such an ability and what would be the consequences of that awakening?

"The Big Men" is a paranormal thriller that explores the perceptions, manifestations, and consequences of power as wielded and coveted by men in the modern era. This debut novel by Michael Shotter will keep readers guessing as they are drawn into the world of such men by an outsider capable of taking everything from them.

Mysteries & Thrillers
July 25
Michael Shotter
Michael Shotter

Customer Reviews

tebruno99 ,

Sure fire way to learn that you love unique quick stories that stick with you after the last page

I read this book in a single session (1am - 6:30am). Not that it was to short but I just couldn't seem to put it down. I thought I preferred novels of huge length and world building but, this book has shattered my notions of what makes a compelling story. The pages contain a non-stop, no downtime exploration of events that while are fiction are very easily relatable. When the story is over it left me pondering for days about how I would fit into such a world and if all the people I've ever held in awe are really type of people I should lookup to, or aspire to become.

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