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Trust. No. One.

A mantra that Dr. Cian O’Reilly has lived by; never allowing any new insiders to pierce his inner circle. Until her. Dr. Athena Payne was his game changer, the woman he wanted to bring into his cloak of darkness; to share in his malicious desires of torture and terror as the executioner of all who escaped justice. But when faced with an alleged betrayal of that trust, how far will he go to seek his vengeance?

Love. Conquers. All.

Three words that Athena Payne has always believed whole-heartedly. In her determination to become a brilliant heart surgeon, her thirst for knowledge tossed her headlong into a hidden conspiracy, a deadly game of death intertwined with the complications of love. Trusting and loving Cian may very well be the last things she ever does as she’s faced with paying the ultimate price for allowing him into her heart.

Save a life. Take a life.

Will the hardest kill Cian’s ever faced be his last? As others circle closer to learning his true identity, interns and attendings alike face the possibility of losing everything they’ve fought so hard to gain.

Trust no one. Let love conquer all. And prepare for a shocking ending that you won’t see coming in this third installment of the Trauma Series.

Lincoln Hospital, where the cure can be your worst nightmare.

Warning: Contains violent and graphic situations not suitable for readers under the age of eighteen. This is the third book in the "Dexter" meets "Grey's Anatomy" series and ends on a cliffhanger. All books must be read in order to follow the series.

October 2
Cassia Brightmore
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Annmric8 ,

Paging Doctor feel good.

In Resuscitation, Cassia delivers a violent and graphic depiction into Cian’s vengeance. With themes of trust, justice, revenge, and vengeance, Resuscitation had me skirmish in my seat with anticipation.

The supporting cast of characters played an intricate role at Lincoln Hospital with interns arguing about OR cases. The excitement for trauma patients was eerie. The eagerness for cutting by the interns created a sense of darkness, in these characters. The need to draw blood, scrape a scalpel over skin, and pull apart tissue was horrifically demented. These interns were all too eager to operate on human bodies with no regards to the human aspect.

The story takes a look into the present then journeys back a few months to recap key moments in Cian’s past. Athena’s character was involved with a vigilante serial killer. She supported and joined in his work. Athena loved Cian. Cian never thought he would love another woman after his wife murdered. Cian’s Dexter lifestyle began when criminals escaped the justice system and Cian felt those criminals cheated the system therefore needing to be punished.

Cassia blended the human persona of a good natured doctor in Cian while working as a Cardiologist. These scenes were very much like Grey's Anatomy. The conversations, the arguing of interns fighting for cases, and the love interests brought back all those familiar episodes.
When Cian wasn’t playing the good doctor and researching his next victim Cassia brought forth a very dark and determined villain. These scenes were bloody, gory, and graphic. Cian was in his element using skills of a doctor while mangling the human body while also disconnecting from the human aspect.
Revenge was Cian’s number one game. It’s where the monster inside resides. He hides his sick and twisted torture skills for the special cases.
Book three immediately follows book two. Even after months passed I was still able to pick up book three and connect with the characters and the familiarity of the storyline.

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