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Everything that has happened, is happening, will happen again.

"Rota Fortunae (Grim's Truth) is among the best written, most imaginative, and intricately plotted fantasy stories I've had the pleasure to read since The Lord of the Rings. But, where that epic tale relied heavily on war, familiar mythological themes and creatures, and the overarching world dominating power of an evil, supernatural being, Rota Fortunae is a character driven story, supported by a covert revolution, ingenious metaphysical attributes and events, and an imaginary world complete with a new language, concepts of universal laws, and a wonderfully orchestrated villain." ~ Readers' Favorite Book Reviews (5 Stars)

Several turns after the disappearance of the High Queen's successor, rumors of a plague spread across the Empire of Mu. Two parties, the Rebellion and the Council, clash over the strange phenomenon and its source, the Tainted.

Cruentus Fate, a young Royal from the second kingdom of Mu, becomes entangled in the battle for the Capital as she and her brother, Abyssus, seek out the truth about their relationship with the enigmatic Grim. Her life turns upside down when she's separated from her brother and sold to the brothel by their father, the King of Macellarius. The brothel's Madam, Fortuna, takes Fate under her wing and broadens her knowledge of the Empire, the war at hand, and the secret behind her existence.

With her new understanding, Fate sets out to restore balance to the Empire, and to recover her brother from their father's clutches. First, she must rally the support of the unstable prince of the neighboring kingdom.

Around every bend lies another dark secret about the world she lives in, and the more she uncovers, the more entangled she becomes in the web of lies her family has spun.

"I was both surprised and delighted by how quickly and deftly the characters were introduced and the fact that Fate's story really got the attention it deserved... I really loved Fate's story and her character and the authors used this to brilliant effect, introducing other characters ... through Fate's lens, without losing focus like so much fantasy literature does. This story has a very clear through-line, which I greatly appreciated." ~ Reading Glass Reviews

Evolved Publishing presents the first book in "Grims' Truth," a truly epic series that will sweep you into a whole new universe. [DRM-Free]

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