Sin With Me

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He’s a priest. I’m his secretary. 

Our love is forbidden and it’s not because of faith.

Cops shouldn’t make mistakes, but I did. The big boys put a price on my head and now they’re after me. Under the pretense of a parish secretary, I end up on the other side of the country to clear my name.

Except there’s nothing easy about my job when Father Cameron joins the parish. He’s young and hot, and I can’t stop fantasizing about him in ways no woman should.

Wanting him is constant.

Needing him is intoxicating.

Resisting him is impossible.

The temptation that grows inside me will turn into sin. We both know it. After all, forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest, except when it’s poisoned. And if my past catches me here, committing the unforgivable sin may not be the only reason I go straight to hell. 

Fall in love with Kate and Cameron in this romantic suspense as the couple fights to resist a temptation as their forbidden love grows, in Sin With Me.

Note: Intended for mature audience only. While Sin With Me can be read as a stand-alone novel, the author recommends to read it after book 1, Run With Me.

October 9
MyLit Publishing
MyLit Publishing

Customer Reviews

Racy Carr ,

Great story

Okay this book threw me for a loop. Yeah, have you ever read a book and thought you knew the direction it was going and the author threw a wrench in the story. Well that was the book. So as you are reading the story, know there are a few surprises along the way, which I loved. It was good to see some of older characters of in this book as well.

I just loved Kate. I can not imagine what it was like to find out the man you had the hots for was the new priest. I loved how she so openly flirted with him even though she knew it.

Father Cameron was super sexy. How many of you get turned on to read books like this were priest go bad. Oh yeah, me too.

Kate was trying to solve a mystery with out letting the Cortez family know were she was at. She was in some defiant danger that is for sure. She had crossed the Cortez family and they would do their best to make her pay.

Father Cameron has a lot of secrets. He is there on a secret mission as well. He to is trying to stay out of sight of the Cortez family. I loved that we got to see an appearance of Father Cameron’s brother. It was good to see the jealousy that it caused Cameron to see his brother flirting with Kate.

Things get hot and heavy between Kate and Father Cameron. The secrets they both have can destroy them.

Favorite part of the story, well that is truly a hard one. So many I loved and some that knocked me almost out of my chair laughing so hard. The part I am going to put as my favorite I am going to have to word very carefully so my renew is not flagged. I am going to go with her in the woods spying on Father Cameron watching Father Cameron stroking himself. Yeah, super hot.

Anyway this was a great story and glad I got a chance to read the book. So looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

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