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The purpose of “Meetings: Sky and Earth” is to share the beauty the Texas Hill Country. The field of view overlooks the ridge line to the west along Ink’s State Park, the Inks and Buchanan Lakes, and the ridge line perpendicular and to the south. Both views are located west of Burnet, Texas. 

The photos demonstrate how the scattering of light can provided so many variations of color provided by the setting of the sun, with the subtle reminder for us to slow down, and enjoy the peace that nature provides us every day, when we just open our eyes and see.

“Meetings: Sky and Earth”, a photo book, is a series of photos taken in one location over days, months, and years, beginning in 2005 and continuing on, and off through years until 2015, with the majority of the photos taken during 2008. Photos for “Meetings: Sky and Earth” were taken in 2005 (5), in 2006 (3), in 2008 (45 + three sequences of 2, 11, and 9 photos), and in 2015 (18 + three sequences of 4,14, and 14 photos), for a sub-totals of 71 individual photos, and six photo sequences sub-total of 54 photos, for a total of 125 photos displayed in this book.

The original hardback photo book was titled of “Meetings: Sky and Earth”. This ebook’s previous version was titled “West of Burnet”. This ebook will replace “West of Burnet”, which has been removed from the store. This ebook will bring it inline with original, but with more photos and stand as it own publication, in ebook format.

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October 10
Loyd M Vauthier
Loyd M Vauthier

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