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God is dead. Lincoln Marshall knows who killed Him...

It's been a month since apocalypse destroyed the world as Lincoln Marshall once knew it. The new world is populated by deadly faeries, wild shapeshifters, and humans without a god. Lincoln's sins can never be absolved now that God is dead. There's nothing left for him but the bottom of a whiskey bottle.

Until Cesar Hawke comes seeking help. The undersecretary of the new Office of Preternatural Affairs has manifested uncontrollable magical powers. The only cure lies beyond the frontier of the untamed faerie worlds -- a land that no mortal man can survive. He needs Lincoln to escort him to the Winter Queen through hostile territory riddled by killer unicorns, doppelgangers, and false prophets. No big deal.

Lincoln Marshall once conquered Hell. He's certain he can conquer the Middle Worlds too -- and if he can't, he's happy to die trying.

Fiction & Literature
April 16
Red Iris Books
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Megb44 ,

Loved it!

I loved this book. After some of the other books in the Descentverse I didn’t know how to feel about Lincoln and I am so glad Sara decided to write his story for him. He is so raw and real. This book left me confused and frustrated and wanting MORE! So much more. I love these books. They make you think and go outside the box to imagine this type of world that she has created and it’s so unique and riveting. I also enjoyed getting to see Cesar and Fritz again! Their relationship is heart wrenching and fierce! I am curious to see what Lincoln is up to now. I hated how he left things with Sophie but I really hope things work out for him.

Rayofsunshine1971 ,

Redemption Through Possession?

Book granted to me in exchange for an honest review.

Scorned by the new God herself and left to wander earth as a useless broken mundane, Lincoln Marshall ceases to care if he lives or dies. After all, the REAL GOD is now dead by the hands of his beloved Elise, stunting his belief that good always prevails over evil.

Enter Cesar Hawke and Fritz Friederling from the Office of Prenatural Affairs (OPA) and some swaying sentinel being that wants answers to nonsensical questions (and what the heck is in his scarlet colored sack). Will Lincoln have a chance to see God (either one will do at this point) and regain his faith by helping the new and improved OPA (Caesar’s gone quite mad and has become a soul sucker) or will he further lose his grasp on reality (and his sanity)?

S.M.’s latest book does not disappoint and for those super fans who have read her other books, it provides an amazing back story to many in the series. If you have not read any of her books, you are missing out.

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