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Do you need help with your book marketing?

Take the advice of 700+ book bloggers and book reviewers!

In a survey of 700+ book bloggers and book reviewers, the question was asked:

"If you could give an author one piece of advice about promoting their book, what would it be?"

The answers are fascinating!  They show authors what is important to book bloggers & reviewers; what they need to promote your books. This raw list is unedited – straight from the "horse's mouth" as the saying goes. The repeated answers drive home how many share the same thoughts; how many want to share the same advice; how many experience the same pain points. The rawness brings forward the honesty in the answers.

This book is not a polished "how to sell a million books" but a clear list from some of the top reviewers in the industry.

With book bloggers and other online sites being more and more involved in the marketing of books, authors need all the hints they can get.  Let these answer guide you through the world of online promotions.

Pick up this quick read today!


I really found Barb Drozdowich's guide Top Advice for Authors Promoting their Book to be helpful! It's really just a slew of quotes from book bloggers all answering the same question, 'what advice do you have for authors promoting their books?' The simplicity of this guide is its strength and I really enjoyed getting the many different perspectives. ~ Joshua


A list of results from a survey might sound like a sleep-inducer but not in this case! I devoured it! Yes, a lot was repeated, which made me see that book review bloggers want the same basics, and these cannot be repeated enough! Bloggers may be a cold, hard screen to you, but they really are warm-blooded people and this is their voices telling you so. ~Kay


While this is a short book it is chock full of useful information. It is a quick and easy read but one that will teach ever author many valuable lessons. I love how the book was formatted - one to three sentences from bloggers sharing the do's and don'ts. So many of the bloggers had the same tip (said differently). So as you read, you really learned what is truly important! Highly recommend! ~Jess

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November 14
Barb Drozdowich
Draft2Digital, LLC

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