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A lot has changed since the first edition of Your Digital Life was published back in October 2015. Operating systems have updated, cloud computing has got better, more storage and faster downloads and our digital calendars can do much more.

While the technology has improved and new ways of doing things have been created, the principles of productivity and using our technology to make our lives easier, has not. We still need to learn the principles and we still need to learn how to use this fantastic technology.  This new edition updates all the principles and workflows from the first edition. It has been completely rewritten, edited and updated to reflect the state of technology today. 

Most of us have a smartphone, a lap top and quite possibly a desk top computer too. Yet we still use our smartphone like we used our older feature phones, we have some of our files on our lap top and some on our desk top but we can't remember where they are and we have no idea what to do with the iPad we were bought for our birthday last year. We have a separate work calendar and a paper based personal calendar. Our email inboxes are full of spam and important emails and we struggle to find our car keys in the morning when we leave for work. Sound familiar?

Your Digital Life has been written for the everyday person who has no real interest in technology and just wants to use technology to work ‘straight out of the box' without having to think too much about how or why it works. If you want to achieve more without becoming a workaholic then this book is for you.

Your Digital Life was born from a desire to help my clients claim their lives back. To help them regain control of their life, to show them how the amazing technology they carry around with them every day can do so much more for them and free up time so they can do the things they really want to do without any stress.

Your Digitial Life 2.0 Will Show you How To:

-Set up a digital system that works for you and the type of person you are.

-Set up your smartphone to get the most out of it

-Use a todo list manager to separate your routine tasks and project tasks to get things done on time every time.

-Use your digital calendar more effectively

-Create a file system so you can always fine the files you need when you need them.

-Get control of your email so that you don't live in your inbox.

-Use false deadlines so you don't miss any real deadlines

-Set up Evernote to work more effectively for you

-Set up Todoist to get your to-dos better organised

-Understand the importance of focussing on one task at a time.

-Keep things simple and maintain your system even when things get tough. 

In this second edition, I have updated the setup guide, added better, clearer illustrations and modified some of the ideas that were discussed in the first edition. I have also introduced four new case studies, which feature four prominent people in the world of business and take a look at how they organise their working and personal lives so you can draw lessons from their achievements. 

If you are new to the world of digital productivity, or are a seasoned user and just want to get your life under control, then this book will help you. As a book you can go through the different chapters at your own pace, and because it is in digital format you can take it with you on your phone, tablet or computer. 

December 11
Carl Pullein
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