The Scarlett Lolita: Tales Of Cry

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Publisher Description

     A young woman named Shelly Row, is a bisexual go-go dancer working the nightlife under the name “Sexy Silk”. She has many sexual relationships with men and women. She meets a man named Kevin who challenges her to an average lifestyle since he is a corporate lawyer. She closes out many of her relationships slowly trying to see that Kevin is potentially good for her. Shelly often has flashbacks to her mother in her younger days giving her advice about life and men. During the same time, Shelly meets Calvin who lives in the world of old money and the nightlife. Shelly gets caught up living between the two worlds. She dumps Kevin soon after realizing she isn’t ready to live that kind of life yet. She becomes entangled with the Calvin family and setting her life deeper into the nightlife.
            At the same time, Shelly gets into an affair with one of the Calvin family members named Edmund. At the same time, her go-go dancing brings in many clients. The patron becomes increasingly interested in Shelly at the same time she has the affair with Edmund becoming his sub. Shelly parallels her life between the nightlife and the Calvin family even more with new players afoot. She later receives a shocking revelation between both men and decides to run. The little Lolita now must escape the hell she created. Shelly falls for the patron and finds it difficult to escape from his elusive and collected ways. Even with the shocking revelation, she consequently sees the patron in the most unfortunate ways. With her life becoming more complicated, Shelly finds herself between the nightlife, the Calvin family and the mysterious patron who all want a piece of the Lolita and thus her tale of crying becomes centered around mystery, betrayal, and seduction.

Fiction & Literature
January 1
Eternal Diamond Publishing
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