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Welcome to life in the universe after we finally conquer the urge to blow it all up.

It's the sort of utopia we all dream of.

Almost, if it was run with the help of a probability calculator and teams of well-meaning assistants/assassins.

Maintaining utopia is a very dangerous job.

Koven Modi is a first year field historian.

He's avoided dangerous missions so far thanks to Professor Wingut, the man who accidentally saved the universe a long time ago.

Wingut attended university with Koven's mother, Indira and has had a secret crush on her since they met.

A lack of danger suits Koven just fine.

He's a slacker and has been known to freeze in a crisis.

But a planet in contact quarantine with a medieval civilization has unexpectedly started using advanced comms technology.

Due to the Klept crisis Koven gets his first dangerous mission.

Allor is on the cusp of bringing all of Earth Seven under his rule.

As a child he was a thief.

Now he heals the sick with alien technology

He flies across the sky as if by magic.

He even has an interstellar drive system but believes it is a weapon.

How many would you kill to end all war and bring peace to your planet?

His mother has created a religion to worship him.

Koven Modi is sent to Earth Seven to investigate.

Koven isn't the best person for the job.

He's the only one left.

Everyone else is looking for Prof. Klept and his dog.

If you enjoy satire on a science fiction canvas join thousands of your species and follow Koven and Wingut on their misadventures.

A Partial History of the Universe - Earth Seven, Mortuis Luna, The Finite Void, The History Department Trilogy, an accidental trifecta.

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January 5
Foxtail Media
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