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Annabelle Evans arrives in Bear Grass Springs, Montana Territory, in 1884 hoping to reunite with her long-estranged sister. Expecting to attend her sister’s wedding to Cailean MacKinnon, she is shocked at Cailean’s pronouncement. With his “I’m not marrying a whore” echoing in the General Store, Annabelle discovers that her hoped-for reconciliation will not be as she had imagined. Not one to retreat from a challenge, Annabelle opens her own business, intent on remaining near her sister to repair their damaged relationship and succeeding without the support of a husband.

Cailean Mackinnon swore off marriage twelve years ago when he fled the Isle of Skye in Scotland. A successful livery owner, he is determined to focus on his work and his siblings, adamant that he has no room in his life for love. However, he cannot suppress his fascination for the resourceful and determined Annabelle who, in turn, cannot avoid a reluctant admiration for the strong, virile, loyal Scot. A fateful kiss witnessed by the gossiping town busybody forces their mutual attraction into the open.

Annabelle’s independent spirit precludes a man in her life, and Cailean’s closed-off heart refuses to allow any woman in. Yet love can be tenacious and timeless, overcoming fears, if only Annabelle and Cailean both choose to take a risk.

February 13
Grizzly Damsel Publishing
Ramona Flightner

Customer Reviews

Howling gale ,


Family, Love and forgiveness. Heart- warming. Love it!

J. O'Farrell ,

“Montana Untamed”

This historical novel is set in
Montana Territory during the 1880’s and is the first book in the
Bear Creek Springs series by

Ramona Flightner. This author is
extremely gifted when it comes
to creating interesting, mostly
lovable characters. The dynamics
within the family and the towns-
people all add to the enrichment
of the story. This family consists
of three brothers and the young
sister, all from Scotland, plus
Annabelle from Maine & her
sister, who has been in Bear Creek
Springs for quite a while. Anna
is a gifted baker, so from opening
up her own shop to developing
relationships with other business
owners to learning to love, to
forgive and to trust makes for an
unforgettable novel. The love
and support of family is vital,
no matter what century the novel
takes place in. Thanks for
creating these fantastic citizens
of early Montana!!
-Jan Farrell Repath

MLM-5 ,

Montana Untamed

I loved this romantic, but clean! The characters had problems, but were strong. Good chemistry. Couldn’t put it down!

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