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Something is killing Salla Saar. Ever since using the power of the Eyes of the One locked within him to eliminate the threat of Gargazant Ikahn at Tempusalist, the attacks have come, powerful and acute. Sometimes, he walks away with little more than a blackout. Other times, it is as though there is a force inside determined to break him apart a piece at a time, leaving him wishing for the pain, the uncertainty—for simply everything to end. These attacks have something to do with the Eyes of the One—he is convinced of that—but why has their power turned on him now?

After a near-fatal episode, Salla awakens in the custody of the Majdi Order, the peace-keeping sect that has made it their mission to capture him in order to seal away the power of the Eyes. His fate has been decided, it seems: he is declared too dangerous to walk free. Even if he manages to survive these violent fractures of his mind and body, he might never set foot outside the walls of a prison again.

Once locked away in the decrepit bowels of a retraining facility for wayward men and women of the Order called the House of Falling Rain, Salla finds a glimmer of hope in the darkness of this place. There are Majdi on the inside working in secret to halt the forces within intent on destroying him. But there is something else inside these old corridors with them, something filled with a dark and malevolent purpose…

Fiction & Literature
January 13
C.A. Bryers
Draft2Digital, LLC

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