The Declutter Guide

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Declutter Guide – How to Organize Your Life in 2 Weeks or Less: Organizing tips to Simplify Your Life 

Volume 1 - 1st book in new series

Approximately 99 pages 

Tired of coming home to a messy house??? Are you sick and tired of losing things such as your phone, keys and other needed items in your OWN HOME?? Has the clutter gotten so bad that you're starting to think there's no way out?  Are you tired of cleaning and not getting anywhere? If any of this sounds familiar then the Declutter Guide is for you.  Inside you will discover: 

>Why you clutter and how to break the cycle.

>Which items to keep and which items you MUST donate or throw away.

>How to achieve amazing results by working systematically.

>How to design a plan that is not overwhelming.

>How to avoid the digital clutter trap which zaps your time and energy.

>Declutter tips and tricks for every room in your house.

>How to pay down debt and stop over-committing for life.

>Learn the top secrets and tips of the most successful minimalists and clutter masters.

Let's face it: clutter is a BIG problem. Some people's houses are so full of junk and clutter that they experience a never-ending cycle of anxiety and depression. Many people are too embarrassed to invite friends over.

If you are struggling in this area and want a solution to feeling better you need this book. It can be challenging to let go of things that are sentimental and personal; however, the Declutter Guide was written with people just like you in mind.  It details simple, step by step procedures that can quickly get you on the right path to having a clean, organized, clutter-free home that you can be proud of. The overall goal is to set up a space that works well for your needs. You want a home that is welcoming, warm, and filled with treasures that you love and make you feel good.

Health, Mind & Body
October 14
Sovereign Education Media
Draft2Digital, LLC

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