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Twin necromancers, their magic split at birth, may be the world's salvation... or its extinction.

It's been six years since Xavier Devouh was hurled off a cliff and disappeared into the ocean. Six years since his soul was cursed to live inside his necromancer twin. When his body is discovered in a distant land, he and his coexisting brother undertake a dangerous journey to find Xavier's original form, unaware of their role in an ancient prophecy. But when their path unexpectedly crashes into a scythe-wielding sorceress looking for Xavier, will she discover their secret?

And have the twins unwittingly triggered a demon uprising that threatens to destroy all five realms of Nirus?

If you like intricate magic, deep world building, relatable characters, unpredictable plots, and exciting action, then you'll love Ellie Raine's "once in an afterlife-time" Epic adventure.

First Place Winner of Writer's Digest 7th Annual Self Published Fantasy eBook Award, Willow of Ashes was given a perfect score from Writer's Digest in all areas, including plot and story appeal, character development, structure and pacing, spelling, punctuation, Grammar, voice and writing style.

Buy Willow of Ashes to double an extraordinary journey today!

Buy Willow of Ashes to double an extraordinary journey today!


 Judge, 7th Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published eBook Awards
"This book is an incredible step into another world...I was very impressed by how much Raine was able to accomplish well in this book. Her characters are fascinating, relatable, and interesting. The world-building is so creative and original and I really appreciated how it is shown to the reader. Instead of information being dumped on, it is revealed slowly and cleverly but with enough at a time to create an excellent pacing and sense of wonder. For a system so complex, that was an awesome accomplishment.

I was fascinated by the story as well, and enjoyed the journey that the characters have to go on to figure out what has happened. It was delightful, exciting, and managed to hook me from beginning to end without making me feel like what I was reading was unrealistic. I love when fantasy can do that and this was story worked so well.

I thought the plot was paced expertly, as it's a first in a series I didn't think that too much was left hanging at the end; rather it hit that sweet spot of feeling satisfied from the story we've been through but also with enough questions and momentum to propel the reader into the next book. I really enjoyed this one and appreciated the cleverness of the darker subject of necromancers being the heroes. It was very enjoyable."

Midwest Book Review

A brilliantly scripted and entertainingly original fantasy saga, Willow of Ashes is the first volume in author Ellie Raine's epic new Necroseam Chronicles series. A riveting read from beginning to end, Willow of Ashes is unreservedly recommended, especially for community library Fantasy Fiction collections.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 23
ScyntheFy Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

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