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Here's a tip: When you least expect it, expect it.

I'd been known to have my share of beautiful women. Usually, I met them in a bar, through a mutual acquaintance, or even when photographing them. Imagine my surprise when a gorgeous blonde drove her car into mine on the way to a party.

No more than a minute after our run-in, a string of colorful words flew from her mouth in rapid fire. Unexplainably, the angrier she became the harder I got. All sorts of scenarios played in my head of how I could get her to shut up. I was all for feisty women, but I preferred leaving that for the bedroom—not on the streets of New York.

When I learned she was a schoolteacher, that worsened my disposition. What man didn't have a dirty teacher fantasy at one point in his life? I decided it was my turn to teach her a thing or two… or so I thought. Little did I know, Miss Prim-and-Proper would turn the tables on me.

She called me Mr. Kinky, and that was fine with me.

Lesson learned: Desire always trumps logic.

June 20
MadJo Romance
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

In the name of love! ,

A steamy hot romance!

These 2 authors had me hooked from the first chapter! I loved this book! Dante and Cassie chemistry was undeniable. From start to finish...Dante’s confidence came through loud and clear, while he continues to break down Cassie’s doubt she has in the beginning and it starts to fade. I loved the banter they had between the two of them. And how strong they were in the end! Another great one ladies!!! Bring on another!

RC1836 ,

Fun sexy romance

This was really an enjoyable story and Tor Thom and Charley Ongel made it a great book to listen to. Cassandra and Dante has amazing chemistry and I loved how he cared for her. The plot had both of the characters evolving which too me is a plus. While this is the first book I’ve “read” in the Mr Wrong series, A.M. Madden and Joanne Schwehm have created such a wonderful cast of primary and secondary characters made up of friends and relatives I was able to appreciate Cassandra and Dante’s story as a sexy stand alone romance. Though I must admit I’m curious enough about the other couples back stories to check them out.
I was fortunate to receive an audible code via Audiobook Obsession.

DanaD1974 ,

Holy Hotness!!!!

Oh Dante!!!!!! Holy hotness!!!!! Craving Mr. Kinky is getting the flames:


I have been awaiting the arrival of Dante Benedetto’s Book with baited breath!!! Ms. Madden and Ms. Schwehm did not disappoint!

We got a little snippet of Dante in Luca’s book, Scoring Mr. Romeo.....that was when I knew Dante was going to be handful....😉. Cassie has her vulnerabilities that makes you feel like you are her, because let’s me honest, we all have things that we are unsure about in life.

Grab this book now!!!! While you are at it, grab all the prior books because they are absolutely wonderful!!!

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