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An ex-American spy, now in hiding, and his former CIA handler are on the run in Europe from governments after they unearth damaging, top secret information.  A thriller set against a backdrop of paranoia, a surveillance-infested London, and backstabbing at MI5, Britain's domestic intelligence agency.

Mysteries & Thrillers
March 13
Steve Haberman
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Carol M Smith ,

Steve Haberman’s Darkness and Blood

Darkness and Blood grips you from the start!!!
The story intensified until the very end of the
book with a surprise ending.
Tension, intrigue, drama, suspense with thrills,
chills and plenty of twists and turns is heightened
to mountainous proportions keeping the reader
on the edge of their seat.
We travel from the United States to England,
Paris, then back to the United States.
The scenery, smells, noises, dust and fear are
communicated so vividly and detailed, the reader
travels with and experience what the characters do.
You feel as if you are there.
Pablo de Silvia is an ex-CIA agent in hiding. He is
awaken from a nightmare when he hears a noise.
Turns out his former handler in the CIA, Stuart
Bishop had found him. The purpose is to enlist
Pablo in the quest to discover who killed a former
agent friend, why plus find what the information
the deceased must have discovered.
The story will chill and haunt you as you help
uncover the top secret information that was
sent to the dead man.
The international cover-up is explosive and
everyone is trying to discover where the deceased
hid the information before an international event
explodes in their faces.
The characters are cleverly crafted, well defined,
interesting and intriguing working with a life and
death plot where reality leaves each one struggling
to survive.
I volunteered to read Darkness and Blood. Thanks
to Facebook’s Cozy Review Crew for the opportunity.
My opinion is my own.

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