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To become a hero, sometimes you have to go through hell.

Rhoane always knew he was destined to protect the savior of his people, a woman prophesied to restore balance to his world. The promise he made as a child proves difficult to honor as a young, impetuous man. Cast out as an exile from his family and home, he wields his rage like a well-honed dagger.

Beyond the borders of his kingdom he discovers a world filled with violence and beauty. With carnal temptations before him, Rhoane struggles to reconcile his fate.

If he doesn’t uphold his oath, his future love will fail before she’s even born.

The Prince of Dragons begins the Song of Swords epic fantasy adventure about honor, family, and unconditional love in the face of mortal danger.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
April 26
Teacup Dragon Publishing
Teacup Dragon Publishing

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Studfee ,

A good read for fantasy lovers

These books are a whirl wind of adventure. To any reader that is well versed in epic fantasy novels these books are refreshing. I, like most, love all the great novels of epic fantasy. Though they can be dry and tedious with with long winded descriptions and slow in building to climax. At first these books moved so quickly between plots and actions I felt like something was missing, but believe me when I say given a chance these books never lack in excitement and adventure. With each book in the series even more exciting and better than the last. Thank you for being these books to life. I have thoroughly enjoyed them and can’t wait for #5.

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