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“Unlike anything we’ve seen before.” -Nerdist “Cinematic and graphic.” -A.V. Club “Murphy was truly born to draw Batman.” -IGN “A breakout hit.” -SyFy Wire The impossible has happened: The Joker has become...sane. Batman: White Knight follows the man now known as Jack Napier as he embarks on a quest to heal the city he once terrorized. After reconciling with his long-suffering partner, Harley Quinn, he sets in motion a carefully plotted campaign to discredit the one person whom he views as Gotham City’s true enemy: Batman. His crusade exposes a decades-long history of corruption within the Gotham City Police Department and transforms Napier into a city councilman and civic hero. But when the sins of his past return to threaten everything that he has accomplished, the distinctions between savior and destroyer begin to break down for both The Joker and Batman alike-and with them any hope for Gotham’s future. Writer and artist Sean Murphy delivers an extraordinary examination of comics’ greatest antagonists in Batman: White Knight, exploring justice, corruption, activism and the darkest depths of mental illness. Collecting the acclaimed eight-issue miniseries, this stunning graphic novel also marks the debut of the DC Black Label imprint, which features classic DC characters in all-new, standalone stories written and illustrated by world-class authors and artists.

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October 9
DC Comics
DC Comics.

Customer Reviews

Bradley Lemp ,

This is an awesome series I love them they’re the best

One of the best comic book series I’ve ever read

sense_say ,

Must Read

This was a refreshing take on the Batman mythos! I can confidently say it’s my favorite Else World version of the characters. Batman is fallible and more susceptible to his emotions. The Bat Family is far more grounded and their dynamic with Batman seems very fleshed out even without too much exposition. Everything is different enough to be a breath of fresh air, yet familiar enough for you to understand each character.

As a Batman fan, I highly recommend this.

#WhiteKnight ,

So interesting and awesome


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