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Living for the Weekend examines the pitfalls, struggles, challenges, as well as the benefits in the current modern day work set up.   This is also interwoven with non-denominational spiritual and practical tips, guidance, messages, and discussions on ways to incorporate more balance and enlightenment to the demands of a cutthroat material driven world.   The content benefits both employers and employees who have interest in improving their well-being and success as individuals, which carries over to the success of one's business.

Author, Kevin Hunter, has been in the work force for over three decades studying, researching, and gaining endless experience in the modern day work world.  He understands what others struggle and go through to survive in jobs that are not always fulfilling, while trying to balance that with a healthy personal life.  Having a healthy, fun personal life equates to a fulfilling spiritual life, regardless of your personal interests and beliefs.   His practical knowledge is also entwined with spiritual related wisdom from above to help you get inspired, motivated, and empowered to accomplish your life purpose goals.

Working hard to ensure your bills are paid can leave your soul spiritually starved for soul nourishment.  When your ultimate goal is to obtain enough money to be comfortable that you become carried away in that current, then there is little to no room for Divine enrichment.

Many work to survive in jobs they despise because it's the way it is.  As a result, they experience and endure all sorts of emotional pain that comes in the guise of depression, agitation, resentment, sadness, anger, or any other kind of negative stressors.  Some silently suffer through this emotional strain that gradually kills off their life force preventing them from moving forward and onward.  If you don't have something to look forward to in terms of your passion, life purpose, a healthy social life, positive fun filled activities, and hobbies to balance that burden outside of that, then that can add an avalanche of tension and challenges.

Having a healthy positive happy life outside of work helps in making that job you despise somewhat more tolerable than if you didn't have positive activities to dive into while not at work. Even if you love your job, you still need to incorporate that balanced personal time outside of that. It will add fun, lightness, great ideas, and rewards to the job as well as yourself.

Hard work is applauded, but imbalance blocks you from achieving what you desire.   Ultimate authentic success surrounds your soul's growth and evolving process.  It's when you realize that none of the physical ego driven desires matter in the end.  Any amount of goodness displayed from your heart is the true measure of real accomplishment.

Chapters topics include: The Modern Day Work World; The Imbalance Between Work, Personal, and Spiritual Life; Bullying, Rudeness, Assault, and Tantrums In the Work Place; Driven to Excess and Complaining Into Abundance; Miserable Commutes and Generational Influences in a Work Environment; Working From Home Remotely and the Work Benefits and Challenges In a Technological World; Faced with Toxic People in the Workplace; Keeping Professional and Personal Life Separate; Knowing When to Quit and When to Move On; Working with the Law of Attraction; Partaking in Work That Pleases; Abundance, Money, and Productivity; Detoxing Your World, Paying Off Debts, and Charity Giving; Working to Find Meaning In Your Life; Become Your Own Authority; You Are Worthy and Deserving of Blessings.

Business & Personal Finance
May 11
Warrior of Light Press
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