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The world against dragons. One girl against the world.

There are dragons in the Arizona Mountains, and only Alita Drake knows it. No one believed her at three years old when she stumbled across them during a family picnic. They certainly wouldn't believe her now.

Not that she's allowed to tell anyone anyway—her dragon, Yackros, made that clear. The other dragons can never know about the human who now visits their hidden forest, and humans aren't supposed to know about dragons.

But nothing stays secret forever.

Now Alita must accept that she alone can save her dragon from the dark clutches of Ruxsiu, a false king acting as ruler. Finding the true dragon king can save her best friend, but it isn't something she can do alone. She must convince her boyfriend to help despite his disbelief in dragons and trust a strange old librarian in the race to save the only relic that can fix everything—the dragon's pearl.

Fiction & Literature
June 19
Konstanz Silverbow
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

IAGram ,


Dragon Wings by Konstanz Silverbow is the first book in a brand new series.
Note: this review contains spoilers!
They say that young children can see more of the wonders of the world than adults. Children see jewels in raindrops and dragons in secret glens. And that is what 3 year old Alita finds on the mountain while the rest of her family picnics. Sparkles. All the joy, wonder, and thrill of meeting a dragon. Only the glen is secret for a reason and rational humans don’t believe in dragons. Or they’re told not to.
That is until Alita is a teenager and stumbles across that magic barrier once again. The barrier that humans and dragons aren’t supposed to be able to cross.
The story starts slowly as some good stories are apt to do with Alita spending more and more time in the hidden glen with her beautiful dragon and the rest of life passing her by. Until that fateful day when they are discovered by another dragon. Another dragon who doesn’t like Alita’s dragon and is ready to condemn them both to death.
Alita gets away so she, her boyfriend, and the wacky librarian can find the true king of the dragons. He will make everything right, won’t he?
You have to read this great new book by Konstanz Silverbow where dragons fly and girls dream.