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A mystery unfolds in rural Japan. Who is behind the students' murder? Read on to discover the truth.

Jordan Howard moves to the Japanese countryside to become a high school English teacher, not an amateur detective. But when Jordan's students are murdered one after another, she resolves to find the culprit, fueled by lingering guilt over her own brother's death.

Toshihiko Sakurai, the ambitious police detective investigating the murders, warns Jordan against getting too involved, both with the case and with him. Yet, the two of them cannot seem to disentangle.

As Jordan gets closer to uncovering buried secrets surrounding the deaths, the murderer closes in on her too. Could she be next on the serial poisoner's list?


Q: Why do you write?

A: I write for the same reason a fish swims: It's the only thing I do well and I'd probably die otherwise. That may be hyperbolic, but what's a story without a little drama? I love writing characters who know their own mind but not their own path. I love worlds that feel lived in and real enough to touch. I love narratives that keep you glued to the page while your imagination gallops off. Most of all, I love that I can create all this for other people to experience. Also, I need to justify owning that vintage typewriter.

Q: What do you write?

A: I write the stories I want to read, from mystery to fantasy, sci-fi to paranormal romance. No matter the genre, characters come first. I want the reader to not only wonder about, but actually care about what happens next to the people on the page. Even after the story ends. Especially after the story ends. I revel in language and playing with words. There's nothing quite like the perfect simile.

Q: Why should readers pick up your books?

A: Anyone who loves a slow-burn mystery with a side of romance should pick up RED TEA, especially readers with an interest in Japanese culture. You'll be right in the middle of blossoming cherry trees, bustling train stations, oh, and a captivating murder mystery, of course! You'll also get a feel for life in rural Japan, from the eyes of an outsider hoping to fit in. My fiction draws from my own experience living in Japan, and I've written RED TEA to transport you there too.

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June 12
City Owl Press
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