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She's a brainy college sophomore. He's a basketball captain with charm and popularity. Will her vow to stop dating jerks have to take a time out?

Bookworm Addison James has vowed to crush it in her second year in college. Avoiding guys who'll break her heart is at the top of her to-do list. But when a smoking hot jerk makes her Monday night shift part of his weekly routine, she wonders if her resolution will even last until midterms…

Parker Kent knows he's at the top of the popularity food chain and loves playing it to the max. While he enjoys the looks he gets from showing off his sport-sculpted, tattoo-covered body, it's the witty banter with Addison that truly turns him on. Unfortunately, he can't seem to persuade the gorgeous geek to let down her defenses.

When Addison discovers a grand betrayal involving Parker's current squeeze, she's ready to swear off dating for good. But the basketball captain persists in showing up with plenty of reasons for her to change her mind. Can Addison let go of the wall around her heart to chance love with Parker or will another relationship land out of bounds?

Monday Night Guy is the first book in the My Guy series of New Adult sweet college romances. If you like snappy dialogue, delicious characters, and swoon-worthy moments, then you'll love Liz Lovelock's feel-good novel.

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June 21
Liz Lovelock
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Mag68 ,

Monday night guy

By liz lovelock

Cute story a little abuse in this read so heads up!


😎🤓🧐😂 ,

Good book

I loved this book it made me mad sometimes though because Parker one of the main characters was annoying in some parts but other than that it was really well written

paigelikeabook ,


This book is so unbelievably bad, it's like it was written by a 15 year old on wattpad & it's a first draft. Reasons this book is hot garbage:

-Addison knows how to fight yet lets her bf be low key abusive to her. But she has no problem fighting other people 😬🤔
-the lack of details. What country are they in? What do the hero & heroine look like? How old are they? Simple, basic info that's totally left out
-the gross, schmaltzy relationship between Addison & Parker. It's so childlike & unrealistic.

This book isn't worth more of my time ✌🏽

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