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She's pretty sure Peter Pan had the right idea about growing up...

When it comes to playing games, GIRL GEAR's website editor Macy Webb is the absolute best. Her latest idea for her sexy fun and games column? An after-hours, adults-only, you-find-mine-I'll-find-yours scavenger hunt. Each half of a couple is given a list of items and a month during which to discover their partner's deepest darkest secrets of mind... and body.

Attorney Leo Redding wouldn't have been Macy's first choice for a playmate. Not that he isn't gorgeous and sexy. But while she's certain she can find everything on her list (he's a guy, after all), she's not so sure she wants to learn what makes him tick. Because doing so is going to leave her all tied up emotionally... and in love with a completely unsuitable man.

"It's hot, sexy and still manages to involve the reader emotionally—a winning combination." — All About Romance

May 24
Rocks and Ink
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

sbsbrinson ,

Sweet and crazy

This tale of women friends and the chaos they both create and live in and the men who play the games is crazy but is also sweet love stories. Read the tale of Macy and Leo to see how they are drawn to one another but don’t know how to work through their hang ups. And how it all comes together in the end.

13luver ,

heebie jeebies!!!

It had potential in the plotline, but really lost me when he kept referring to her as a “child” while thinking of her sexually. Seemed very creepy to me. Also, it wasn’t super clear to me throughout the book what GIRL GEAR really was– a website? a company? a magazine? Too much going on. But the child thing was what really ruined the book for me.

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