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How do you save your family when they're about to lose the literal farm? You make a deal with a demon, of course. And then you spend the next one hundred and forty-nine years making him sorry he forced you to sign in blood on the dotted line. 

To save her family, Southern Belle Olivia "Liv" Madder made a bargain with a demon lord and ever since, she's been haunted...by her three dead sisters, and her own guilty conscience.  Every decade, since the deal, Liv has had to find a human willing to bargain their soul with Moloch. If she fails, even once, he'll not only drag her to Hell, but he'll take her sisters, too. It doesn't mean she can't make Lord Jerkface miserable in the process by removing his lesser demons from the Earthly plane.

When her latest contracted soul dies before the bargain is sealed, she has less than four days to find another soul or her own agreement will be broken. But Moloch offers her a get-out-of-Hell-free card: steal an old book once owned by paranormal researcher David Jensen. The same David Jensen she fell in love with sixty years ago but left to protect him and his family. Then Moloch drops the biggest bombshell: David has died.

Heartbroken and feeling she has no choice, Liv makes the trip to Sanctum, Missouri only to find David's grandson has the book. Worse, he's keeping a mysterious family secret that threatens Moloch, Liv, and her three sisters. What's a minion to do when her world falls apart? Get Madder than Hell and kick some demon butt.

June 29
Renee George
Draft2Digital, LLC

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Acworth Von ,

A pleasure to read

Gone With The Minion Madder Than Hell Book 1
by Renee George, Love Spells
This book blew my mind, or I guess I can say Renee George did. What got to me in this book is not just the pure awesomeness of the world created by Renee George, or the desirability of Gone With The Minion or that the clever mystery is woven throughout this book I read and enjoyed Gone with the Minion, Madder Than Hell Book 1 by Renee George, and I think Olivia "Liv" Madder character might have topped them all. There is just something about this book that worked a little bit better for me and I really enjoyed these characters. I especially enjoyed being able to Laugh Out Loud with this Paranormal Romance it's a great mix of Demons, Angels and Ghosts plus other mythology with all sorts of paranormal creatures. The chemistry between Liv and David is incredible. He is so hot and sexy and of course, huge. (Haha!) I loved the sexual tension between these two, especially when David pick up Liv and carry her to their bed, they are very lusty and touchy plus their scenes are sizzling hot and sexy, oh my are they so freaking hot! One of the things that draws me to this book is the sheer diversity of all of the paranormal creatures. There is a master demon, angels, minons and more. I especially enjoyed the villian of this book, who has a very handsome form. Just their inner dialogue makes this book worth the read. Gone With The Minion just blew me away. What I enjoy is that Renee George knows how the tension is built around adults when they are in sexual and romantic relationships. Readers and fans of her other series will not be disappointed with Gone With The Minion. I also enjoy the way she writes a romantic and rich mystery plus she gives us readers more details about fallen angels and their history. Plus additionally we get some phenomenal characters with a sizzling relationship progression. Liv feels guilty that she made a deal with the demon Moloch. Liv is trying to make Moloch sorry he forced her to sign in blood on the dotted line by removing his lesser demons from the Earthly plane. But despite Liv's guilt and pain the book is also full of humor, it's so damned funny. If you have not yet had the opportunity to read this book, it's the first book in this series. It's an very interesting book on its own and I think that Renee George's fans will also enjoy this one. Renee George doesn’t disappoint and she has created a wonderful world for readers! The entire book of Gone With The Minion is supremely satisfying to read. Yes, there are parts that will make you laugh and parts that will make your heart weep for Liv, David, their crew and Liv sisters. But there are parts that will give us a exciting and heartwarming feeling that Liv and David will have their HEA! Gone with the Minion is an excellent start to the World of the Madder Than Hell series. I can’t wait to read more of this series. I would highly recommend starting with this the first book Gone With The Minion. That way, you could enjoy all the details and nuances of this fascinating world. Each book focuses on a lead couple and while the couple works through their attraction, the crazy villain is usually up to no good. I also want to say Thank You to Renee George she is a very creative and magnificent author! Thanks Renee George❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😂I enjoyed it this much and so much more!

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