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Sex is his weapon. 
Power is her drug. 

Caesar Accardo is gasoline. Mostly harmless while stable, but Aria holds the match to set the dishonored Cosa Nostra prince on fire in more ways than one. And if he burns down everything in his path because of it—so be it. 

The problem is … she just wasn't prepared for all of him. 

Aria De Rose is a hurricane. Amazing from afar, but destructive up close. Caesar keeps getting pulled into the Camorra queen's plans in her effort to gain power, but he's a better player than she knows. 

The thing is … women like her are the reason why rules are meant to be broken. 

Philadelphia isn't ready for game these two are playing—the sacrifices they make might not be worth it in the end, and someone will always lose in a war. 

They're broken, so very vicious, and they are not the good guys. But for every villain in the world, there's a monster at his back who made him that way. 

And monsters like those hide in plain sight. 

Note: This is a standalone romance with content that some might find triggering. Be warned, and read with caution. 

August 6
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Deanna PinkLady ,

Loved Caesar and Aria

Caesar Accardo (Cosa Nostra) and Aria De Rose (Camorra) are a force to be reckoned with. As adversaries, each are ruthless, vicious, violent, and vehement. But their fearlessness and need for vengeance fuels playing with fires that can cause their own self destruction. When Aria decides that using Caesar will benefit her plan within the Camorra, she realizes that he is not a “use and lose” man, but a man that will change everything.

This story grabbed me and didn’t let go. Caesar and Aria were so addictive and manipulative. Their fiery attraction and passionate encounters were filled with hate and contempt but also, “a something else” and that something else was completely unexpected. Each looking for freedom in a world where rules and honor is of the upmost importance. Their cat and mouselike games take lives and create more chaos in their worlds. Do they care, not really, for each has an agenda that fans the flames for destruction. Those that get caught in the cross fire......so be it.

I loved these two characters. Both so similar in strength, convictions, vulnerabilities and especially in wanting justice and not caring of the consequences. Their love/hate relationship is off the charts sassy and sexy.
But their inner battles of pain and hurt caught me off guard. It was raw, fierce, despairing and destructive. But it also made them who they were and eventually lead them to each other. Their journey is corrupt, vengeful, violent and sexy. The Cosa Nostra and The Camorra do not mix but Caesar and Aria might just be the exception.

This fantastic standalone, enemies to lovers story is a must read!! Bethany Kris takes her passionate storytelling to new heights with Dishonored. Thank you for telling Caesar and Aria’s story.

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