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USA Today bestselling author Aimee Easterling's Wolf Rampant series has racked up over 500 five-star reviews!

Meet Terra Wilder, a shiftless shifter uncomfortable in her own animal skin. 

Throw in a healthy helping of Wolfie Young, a bloodling alpha who's more wolf than man. 

Mix with a dash of Terra's controlling father and Wolfie's sadistic brother. Then fold in a heaping handful of unconventional outcasts. 

The result is a unique werewolf world that has been described as a "good choice for Patricia Briggs fans." 

This box set contains the full text of ShiftlessPack Princess, and Alpha Ascendant.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
December 23
Wetknee Books
Aimee Easterling

Customer Reviews

MilkOfCow ,

A Skeleton of a Story

This isn’t the worst in the world, but I only got through the first book in the trilogy before dropping it. The thing that really puts me off of this book is that it feels like a skeleton of a book, like it was the outline of the book published. The first book’s plot hinges around one specific decision the heroine makes. In the books she is pushed to this option, but as a reader, it never felt like she was cornered here. I chalk this up to a severe lack of world building, at least within the scope of the first book you never learn the scope of werewolfs powers, or why they are in hiding from society. The setting is simply never set, but I get the feeling that this information is all there somewhere in the authors head.
It is also difficult for me to get invested in the characters of this story. I feel bombarded with characters that show up and are important for a line or two, and then am expected to remember them 50 pages later, and the story is written as if I should know that this character introduced once before for a line or two has a host of traits important to the story.
Basically in my opinion, this story suffers from being to short to enjoy, it feels like this story would be well flushed out if it had a coupld hundred more pages in the first book to set up the world, build attachment to characters, and especially build the main romance of the book. I saw reviews comparing this book to Patricia Brigg’s series, and I’m half certain that was only mentioned because the first chapter of this book mentions her novel specifically. This falls short of Patricia Brigg’s work because of rushed this feels.
I know I sound super critical of this book, but honestly I might search up future work from this author as the writing itself wasn’t bad, it was just the lack of writing that put me off.

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