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Lady Jane St. Clair should be happy. After all, she's betrothed to the man she adores. But the Earl of Chester is a notorious rake who has dallied with London's loveliest women, and "Plain Jane" can never hope for his fidelity.

Gerard Nash is resigned to a lustless marriage and, for appearances, has given up his mistress. But celibacy is not for him, and in the weeks before his weeding, he frequents London's poshest brothel.

There, a masked woman with the body of a goddess brings him exquisite pleasure. There's just one catch.

This harlot must remain a virgin.

Note: This book was originally released by Kenstington Books in 2009 in the anthology titled BEHIND THE RED DOOR

September 11
CIrce Press
V Michael Fraire

Customer Reviews

Gallowaygirly ,

Enjoyed the story

Enjoyed this story that revolves Lady Jane and Lord Gerard. Jane has been in love with Gerard for over ten years and Gerard considers her a good friend but nothing romantic. Even though Gerard goes thru women fast, he has always stayed constantly friends with Jane. When he decides to marry Janes is his first choice because he likes her but he has no intentions of giving up other women (mistresses) which seems to be way of the time for married noble men. With the aid of her two friends, she goes to the Red Door madam to seek information on how to keep Gerard’s attention, because she realizes he has a roaming eye. In disguise Jane sees Gerard with another woman at the Red Door and with the help of the madam, she changes places with her after the madam asks a favor of Gerard to help determine if a young girl is a candidate to work for her but with the condition she is masked and must retain her virginity. The sexual encounters between them are well written and very erotic. There is a HEA in this book but a lot happens first. I would recommend this book.

Geekychick3142 ,

Sinfully ever after

Absolutely beautiful, Hot

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