English for Child Care

Language Skills for Parents and Providers

Marianne Brems and Others
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Publisher Description

English for Child Care provides practice for high-beginning to low-intermediate language learners in the integrated skills of reading, writing, listening, speaking, pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar. The program can be used as the core resource in a language development class for child caregivers and parents.
The target audience of the book is students in the following environments: 1) community college and university ESL classes, 2) adult and community education classes, 3) community based English tutoring programs, 4) parenting classes, 5) English classes for vocational education and worker training programs, 6) English training programs for au-pairs and nannies

In addition, with 200 embedded audio files, individuals with an interest in English with a child care emphasis/content focus can use the program independently. Users will learn to perform the following skills:

1) Respond appropriately to English sentences used in the child care workplace, at home, and in school. 2) Participate in conversations in English with children, parents, and staff in child care settings, at home, and in school. 3) Use level-appropriate grammar, orally and in writing, to communicate effectively with parents, teachers, and child care providers about child-related topics, such as illnesses and incidents. 4) Comprehend and respond appropriately to readings related to child care and parenting orally and in writing, use vocabulary words and phrases frequently found in the context of child care and parenting. 5) Recognize selected aspects of American children's culture, such as, songs, nursery rhymes, and games, and use these with children.

English for Child Care precedes English for Child Development . which together address the needs of parents and child care providers who are learning English for the specific purpose of advancing in their field.


English for Child Care inspires excitement and gratitude! Not only can it be useful in community college, vocational or adult education setting, but it can also meet the needs of early childhood professionals actively working in the field. Tasks and activities are relevant and reflect the best practices. Kudos to the authors! – Judy Macdonald, Cornerstone Preschool, Florida 

English for Child Care delivers highly engaging and interesting content.  The songs are delightful and appealing. The reading passages are appropriate for high-beginning learners. The illustrations elucidate key concepts beautifully. The vocabulary explanations, presentation of cultural elements, discussion activities, and treatment of grammar are all excellent. High-quality language instruction is blended with relevant content practice and topics. It is a welcome and valuable tool to meet the needs of second-language speakers entering the field of early childhood education. – Leigh Anne Sippel, Skyline College, California

English for Child Care is a well-designed textbook that includes essential vocabulary and concepts for educationally sound child care settings. The activities in the book are appropriate, varied, and practical. The focus on authentic child rearing principles makes it appealing to a broad audience including any students who are parents. – Marcia M. Arthur, Renton Technical College, Washington

English for Child Care is a valuable resource for au pairs and other child care providers. This is the only book that focuses on both language proficiency and child care responsibilities. All child care providers and parents can benefit from the skills, language functions, and vocabulary presented in this book. – Dan Parkins, Bethesda, Maryland

English for Child Care presents useful beginning vocabulary and idiom practice for child caregivers. The book covers important topics such as preventing accidents, treating illnesses and injuries, and what to expect from children at each stage of early development. Well done! – Amy Gettinger, Coastline Community College, California 

English for Child Care is an excellent source book for adult learners–useful for parents as well as child care providers. It presents a solid foundation of child development concepts and practices and uses practical vocabulary from typical child care settings, situations, and relationships.  Activities are fun, engaging, and culturally sensitive. – Kristin Navarro, Howard Community College, Maryland

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