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Bree Bracelyn doesn't date cops. That's a problem, since I am one. Also, I might be in love with her.

But Bree's got a secret I can't figure out. Most folks lace up their goody two-shoes around cops, but Bree's don't fit quite right. There's a story there, but she's guarding it like a tiger with a pet zebra.

And yeah, I know the guy jockeying for police chief should steer clear of a woman with skeletons in her closet, but I can't stay away. I'll find any excuse to visit the resort she owns with her siblings, even trotting out my charming pup, Virginia Woof. I'm not proud.

Between hot springs hookups and grope-fests in my car, Bree's breaking her no-cops rule six ways to Sunday, and I'm grateful. But what'll it take to coax out her secret and convince her I'm not here to slap the cuffs on her? 

Not unless she asks me to.

Fiction & Literature
October 26
Tawna Fenske
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

gebodaily ,

Seargent Sexypants

This is about the sixth book of yours I’ve read and I love all of them. I enjoy your style of writing; your attention to detail, excellent grammar, sense of humor that often makes me laugh out loud. You are a gifted author, in my opinion, and Im looking forward to reading more your your books.

Susanmcqusie ,

Cute RomCom

Bree Bracelyn is the only sister of a large dysfunctional family. She and her many brothers (same father, different mothers), are launching a luxury resort on the land inherited from their father. At the launch party for the resort, Bree meets Austin Dugan, local cop on his way to becoming the town’s youngest police chief. Austin and Bree are instantly smitten, but Bree keeps Austin at arms length due to her rule about not dating law enforcement. Of course, that rule eventually gets thrown out the window. The is a great romance with really likable characters. I cannot wait for the rest of Bree’s brothers stories.

RLS1217 ,


I only wish Bree had had the self confidence to be rightfully furious with Austin about his invasion of her privacy and abuse of power. He had no right to look into her records and, to me, he committed a much greater sin and was the one that truly needed forgiveness.

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