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Want to save a few bucks? Purchase this box set and receive books 8-10 in the Dead Cold Mystery series for less than purchasing the books separately.

Books Included: Unnatural Murder (Book 8), Fire From Heaven (Book 9), To Kill Upon A Kiss (Book 10).

Book 8: Unnatural Murder
Sebastian Acosta has been gunned down at three AM on a Saturday morning, sitting behind the wheel of a beaten up Toyota. The passenger door is open and a few paces away his pal, Luis Irizarry, lies with his life ebbing away through two gunshot wound in his chest. It should be a red hot case, except that fifteen years earlier, Rosario Rojas was raped and strangled in that self same house, the house Luis was crawling toward, the house that belonged to Angela Rojas, Rosario's daughter. 

Rosario, who was like a sister to Marta Flores, Detective Dehan's mother.

Things get more complicated when it emerges that Rosario had started to get involved in a set whose morals Marta had considered a little too lax, a bit too broad-minded; when it emerges that the two boys who just got shot are the sons of two of the couples that made up that set.

Book 9: Fire From Heaven
It wasn't just the twenty years since Danny Brown's death that made it the hardest case of their careers: it was that the manner of his death was, quite simply, impossible. His body was reduced to ash from his neck to his ankles, in the middle of Soundview Park. His unburned feet were still in his flip-flops. His unburned head was just eighteen inches away, where it had apparently rolled; and his g******s too were unburned. To make matters worse, though it had rained the night before, there were no footprints to be found - anywhere.

Detective Stone keeps an open mind, but his partner, Detective Dehan, is convinced there is a logical, terrestrial explanation for the gruesome murder. The X-Files, after all, exist only in fiction, don't they? Then they start to hear about the lights in the sky that night, and the threatening visits the FBI paid to the witnesses that saw them – and Detective Dehan starts to wonder: how was Danny Brown killed – and above all, by whom…?

This is a cold case Dehan and Stone might never solve…

Book 10: To Kill Upon A Kiss
When Wayne Harris contacts Detectives Stone and Dehan, of the 43rd Precinct's cold case unit, and tells them he has information relating to the Westchester Angel murder two years earlier, they agree to go and see him – at Rikers Island. 

It soon becomes clear that Wayne has genuine information about the murder, information he could only have if he had been there. But it is also clear that Wayne is not giving anything away for free. Wayne wants something in return. He wants his liberty.

Stone believes Wayne Harris belongs where he is, behind bars, but as he and Dehan begin to look into the case they soon realize the horrific truth: they are dealing with a psychopathic serial killer who will stop at nothing to sate his lust for blood. And the only clue they have to his identity lies with Wayne Harris.

Yet, doing a deal with him, may be the worst mistake of their careers…

Mysteries & Thrillers
September 30
Lone Stone Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Shadylady1999 ,

Terrific Find!!!

I discovered this author and this series from a bookbub email. I enjoyed the characters and the story line so much that I have since read the entire series. I have told others and gifted box sets. Great reading easy entertainment. Stone and Dehan are as good as any male/female team!

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