Black Ice - A Supernatural Thriller by Charles Dewandeler

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From the creative mind of award-winning filmmaker Charles Dewandeler, comes a thrilling novel about severe winter weather conditions in our Nation's Midwest. Every year, 800 Americans are killed (and thousands more injured) in accidents caused by cold weather. But what if those disasters are not always "accidents"?

After the mysterious deaths of his sister and his best friend, local teenager Rob discovers a dark force is terrorizing his town. He vows to stop the devastation by any means necessary, even if that means his death could be next!

Though this book is a work of fiction, it is inspired by a real life fear we all experience. If you're the parent of a new driver, you know the anxiety of watching your child drive off. Worrying if you'll receive a phone call from police saying they were in an accident.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the leading cause of teen deaths is motor vehicle accidents. The reason teenage drivers cause more accidents, is a combination of inexperience and overconfidence. Additional factors which contribute to teen driving accidents are speeding, distracted driving (cell phones), drunk drivers, and cold weather.

Michigan born author Charles Dewandeler has first-hand experience on the dangers of driving in cold weather. He believed his screenplay "Black Ice" would make a genuinely scary movie, which would not only entertain but also help save lives by raising awareness of cold weather safety.

However, when Charles pitched the script he was told Hollywood film executives couldn't relate because they lack experience driving in cold weather. Further, Tinseltown has no interest in "educating" audiences. As Hollywood continues producing movies which glorify illegal street racing, Charles decided he needed to publish his story. So he turned his screenplay "Black Ice" into a book.

"Black Ice" has been described as "A fast-paced page turner" and "Amazing book, kept me on my toes." When you read this book, you'll be genuinely scared, entertained, and better informed. When you buy this book for a family member who is new to driving, you will rest a little easier knowing it will help prevent a dreaded phone call from police. Order your copy today in paperback or eBook.

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October 12
Charles Dewandeler
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