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Mechanisms of the Mind is the ONLY BOOK available that reveals what goes on in your mind when you think, set goals, make decisions, etc. and how subconscious & unconscious thoughts & processes influence you, all of which are explained using common sense logic.

It is a result of research done by author Parag Jasani, who has developed Dichotomized Operating System Model, a model that explains how the mind develops and works in the brain. It is the first ever causal account of the human mind and is based on the process of natural selection proposed by Charles Darwin in the year 1859.

Besides explaining mechanisms underlying diverse mind phenomena like thinking, sensations, perception, awareness, attention, multitasking, instincts, etc., the model solves millennia old mysteries like consciousness, free will, subjective experience, the self, etc. by revealing their underlying mechanisms using a single set of functional components on a single platform.

In particular, the model shows how a simple mechanism - so simple, it can be easily understood by an 8-year-old - offers brain the capability of making 'its own' decisions, when no other mechanism in the world can.

It also shows how your thoughts, actions, personality and behaviour are controlled by something that you cannot hold in your hands, has no physical dimensions, does not weigh anything, has no smell and is not visible.

The book is full of cause-and-effect mechanisms which are explained in a step-by-step manner, thereby simplifying the workings of the human brain - the most complex structure known to the mankind - to the level that can be understood by anyone who is prepared to make the necessary effort. No prior knowledge of any subject is required to understand it.

It is your first chance to comprehensively understand how your mind works - a new way to introspect.

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January 4
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