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Frankie and Peaches have planted a secret garden where monarch butterflies grow. Their fluttery orange friends give Frankie a lift to a forest that used to be home to peacocks, possums, bunnies, and bears. Now all that is left is one lonely tree. Because Frankie’s forest friends have nowhere to go, she finds them a place where they can all live together, a place made for we.

Kindness is contagious! Frankie and Peaches can’t wait to pass it on…

Follow along with Frankie and Peaches in these engaging, heart-warming kindness capers that show children every act of kindness counts and can help heal a heart—help change the world.

A Place Made For We is the fifth book in the Frankie and Peaches series. Beautifully illustrated by award-winning artist Srimalie Bassani, these whimsically rhyming stories were created to help children explore and understand the concepts of empathy, compassion, and kindness and encourage them to believe they can have a positive impact on their world.

Series Description

Brave, big-hearted Frankie and her floppy-eared pal Peaches have a very long can't-wait-to-do list: grow butterflies, make marshmallow shoes, grow a smile machine, make some furry-feathery friends, and end the math Monday blues. But their most important mission of all is to spread kindness by breaking the chain of bad feelings, turning frowns into smiles and bullies into buddies. Join Frankie, Peaches, and the Thanks-Welcome Kindness Crew as they help others go from sad and blue to woo-hoo and find out why it's important to care—why it's cool to be kind!

Each title in the series contains discussion questions for parents and teachers.

Frankie and Peaches: Tales of Total Kindness is published by Favorite World Press.

Be kind to the planet: when you read F&P, we plant a tree!

Favorite World Press is an American Forests small business partner. For every print or e-book purchased from the Frankie and Peaches Tales of Total Kindness series, Favorite World Press will plant one tree.

January 8
Favorite World Press LLC
Favorite World Press
Grades K-4

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